"— I had a great plan not to get attached to anyone. I failed miserably.
— But that's the main point of Erasmus! To go to another country and to get attached to someone and then to be sad about leaving this time behind!"

To be almost the last one to leave Erfurt is quite a contradictory thing. On the one hand, you have some more time to enjoy another place before coming back home, on the other — I had to say goodbye way too many times than I wanted or expected to. It seems that we have developed rather a cute tradition this year to write warm words of gratitude before closing the SS16 chapter of our lives, and, well, I'm going to break it a little. There will be no personal-thank-you-for-sth sentences or admitting the fact that these four month have changed me a lot, but I simply want you to look back and remember all the jokes, and talks, and parties, and dreams we shared with each other. All these days when we complained about stupid weather and boring Erfurt, all those nights when others complained about us turning the music too loud and having a little bit too wild parties. All these snaps, funny dialogues in the groups, selfies and instax photos. Always being there for each other and being down for a lot of things. Making promises to meet somewhere and to have an absolutely crazy group skype call one day. The most important things that happened to us during this Erasmus are not actually things — it is always about the people and moments we shared. So this i s a thank you after all. You guys are all amazing and I want to you remember one thing: this is a never ending story.

"It was a good semester. I swear o f god".

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