Toast / Тост, 2010
S.J. Clarkson

No matter how bad things get, it’s impossible not to love someone who made you toast.
Once you’ve bitten through that crusty surface, to the softer underneath and tasted the warm
salty butter, you’re lost forever.

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The Lady in the Van / Леди в фургоне, 2015
Nicholas Hytner

— Music. How are people supposed to avoid it? You see, I had it at my fingertips.
I had it in my bones. I could play in the dark. Had to sometimes. And the keys were
like rooms. C major and D minor. Dark rooms and light rooms. Just like a mansion to
me, music. Only it worried me, that playing came easier than praying. And I... I said
this, which may have been an error.
— Said it to whom?
— My confessor. He said that was another vent the devil could creep through. So,
he outlawed the piano. Put paid to music generally. Said dividends would accrue in
terms of growth of the spirit. Which they did. They did.

о чём + немного впечатлений

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